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The now iconic iPhone seems to have competition from an unlikely source, Microsoft. expect to see high end phones running this

Follow the link for more info

aquawalljpgAquawalls combine computer controls with a small footprint to add a bit of nature to any room. Follow the link for more information.


Plumbing Tech

orientalReally cool tub designs. It’s not exactly what we post about here but very neat nonetheless. Follow the link for more info.


Home automation 70′s style

x10_300_logoHome automation can be very pricey. A technology developed in the 70′s, and still in use, is X10. It’s an inexpensive system that’s easy to install. Follow the link to find out more.



On this blog we’ll post about the newest gadgets and gizmos, from home audio to the latest netbook, cellphones too.

We don’t actually review any of these devices but we’ll link to the sites that do. If there’s anything in particular you would like us to find for you just let us know.

- The BespokeTC team

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