The first Nobel Prize of 2015 has been awarded jointly to three scientists for their groundbreaking work in developing therapies that fight infections caused by malaria and roundworm parasites.

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For a long time, Adobe has been a name designers and photographers could name drop to let you know they’re serious. And because the software wasn’t cheap and required some know-how to use it well, it usually worked. But Adobe’s new iOS app, Photoshop Fix, significantly lowers that technical barrier.

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Interpersonal communication just got a lot more intimate. So intimate, in fact, that two strangers — physically separated by a mile — can literally get into each other’s heads to… read more

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San Francisco’s tech workers may be looking for a new ride to work if their shuttle bus drivers go on strike over contract negotiations. At a meeting yesterday in San Leandro, leaders of the Teamsters Local 853 advised members to be prepared for a strike if there’s no progress on the contract proposal that the union approved and sent to Compass Transportation back in August. The proposal would increase pay and improve benefits for drivers.

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This web of lights is one of the most ancient cities in the world, seen from 249 miles above the Earth. Athens, Greece, is the ancient home of Plato and Aristotle, but in this photo taken from the International Space Station, it’s a sprawling modern metropolis.

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On the cusp of a far-reaching revolution thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence and computing, it’s easy to feel a bit…concerned. Well, maybe more than just a bit, especially if you consider societal attitudes… read more

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ROBOTICS: The word ‘robot’ is meaningless. Why are we still saying it? Kevin Roose | Fusion “The word ‘robot’ may end up becoming little more than a rhetorical flourish for companies hoping… read more

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The other night, my friend Fivestar said, “Hey, I’m going to be directing a Star Trek gang bang movie, you want to visit the set?” Just in case you are wondering, the answer to that question should always be yes.

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Going to Pluto was incredible, but as we continue to soak in the glorious images , NASA’s already trying to figure out which celestial target to hit next. The space agency revealed five finalist concepts this week, including missions that would take us to Jupiter’s asteroids and the surface of Venus.

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This Monday (September 28th) we welcomed the first group of startups entering the inaugural SU Labs Accelerator. The accelerator is a rigorous 10-week track in which seven startups progress through… read more

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